"Boys on the Tracks" witness IDs others

Billy Jack Haynes went on a Little Rock radio program and named everyone who he says was with him on the tracks the night Kevin Ives and Don Henry died.


One day after a special Channel Seven report on "The Boys on the Tracks" case, the man who claims to be a witness appeared on a Little Rock afternoon talk radio program.

Billy Jack Haynes added some new details during his 75-minute interview on KARN.

For example, he says he wore a mask the night Kevin Ives and Don Henry were killed.

He says a third teenager was with them on a motorcycle...a teen who got away only to die a mysterious death nine months later.

And Haynes says he videotaped the train hitting the teens' bodies.

"News Radio 102.9…KARN.” “Billy Jack Haynes was a very well-known professional wrestler with the WWE…”

Talk show host Doc Washburn welcomed Billy Jack Haynes to his afternoon show on Friday.

And Haynes...who claims he was at the tracks on the morning in 1987 when two teenagers were killed...was in the mood to name the two men who he says killed Kevin Ives and Don Henry.

"I looked down and at full force the butt of the rifle...which I guess was one of the kid's rifle...Kevin Ives’ rifle...he took the butt and smashed him in the back of the head and killed him instantly," shares Haynes.

"Oh my,” says an attentive Washburn.

"And that was it and that was (name redacted) that done that to him. So now they're dead...(name redacted) for some reason takes out a knife and plows into the back of the other kid...stabs him in the back...left the knife in...and says I just wanted to make sure he's dead," recalls Haynes.

"Oh my," says Washburn again.

A second autopsy did reveal head trauma to Kevin Ives and stab wounds to Don Henry.

"Everything he says is consistent with all the evidence,” says David Lewis, a Little Rock attorney representing the family of Kevin Ives in a federal lawsuit. “So…either he was there or he has done a lot of studying and has a great memory."

As far as his memory...Haynes also shared that he suffers from daily headaches, CTE and other brain trauma from his days as a professional wrestler.

When asked if he can corroborate his story Haynes hinted that he may still possess the video he says he shot of the moment the train impacted the boys.

Air date: February 16th, 2018

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