Multiple new laws take effect in Arkansas

The new laws went into effect on Monday, July 31. (KATV Photo)

Several new laws passed during Arkansas' General Assembly went into effect on Monday, July 31.

A first offense for texting while driving will go from a warning to a fine up to $250. The law also clarifies that using Facebook or other social media counts as texting.

To read Act 706, click here.

It will also become illegal to have an open container of alcohol in a car, even if it belongs to a passenger.

To read Act 849, click here.

Act 1071 allows employees with concealed carry licenses to keep their guns in their cars while at work.

To read Act 1071, click here.

Another law requires people who are "convicted of rape by forcible compulsion"to stay on the sex offender registry for life.

To read Act 538, click here.

Act 313 allows the direct shipment of wine from small farm wineries to Arkansas homes.

To read Act 313, click here.

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