Judge Wade Naramore found not guilty in hot car death of his son

Wade Naramore and his wife walking into court August 18. (KATV photo)

Suspended judge Wade Naramore has been found not guilty of negligent homicide in connection with the death of his son, who was left in a hot car last year.

Naramore took the stand Friday afternoon and touched on a number of topics, including a timeline of what happened the day Thomas died, July 24, 2015. Click here to see what else he testified about.

Before coming to the not guilty verdict, the jury appeared before the judge twice to get instructions after saying they couldn't come to a unanimous decision.

The first time, the foreman said they were stuck at a 10-2 vote and no one was going to change their mind. The judge asked them to continue deliberating.

The second time the jury came back out, they said the vote was at 11-1. The judge explained a hung jury, before asking them to continue to deliberate.

Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission Executive Director, David Sachar says the ethics investigation into Naramore will continue, and would have continued even if he had been found guilty.

If he had been found guilty, he could have faced a few different punishments, including: a suspension with or without pay, written reprimand, a recommendation for removal from the bench can be sent to the Supreme Court, or he could face no sanctions.

Now that he has been found not guilty, the ethical and disability part of the investigation will continue.

The disability part of that investigation has to do with if Naramore is emotionally and mentally able to still be a judge after this incident.

Sachar said the decision to disbar Naramore is not up to the commission. That would be decided if someone files a complaint with the Supreme Court Committee on Professional Conduct.



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