Neighbors remember man killed in Searcy

Neighbors remember man killed in Searcy

One man is dead after being shot outside a home in Searcy.

Police are now searching for the person responsible.

Lesa Lockhart and Victoria Reynolds grew up in the same neighborhood as 24 year old, Davion Bankhead, and says he was a nice person in their area.

"He was a happy person to be around," Reynolds said.

But at around 9:30 Friday night, police responded to a call on the 800 block of West Park Avenue, here in Searcy.

When they got there, they came across Bankhead, with gunshot wounds.

Just an hour later, he was pronounced dead.

"You don't hear this types of stuff about anybody, you know what I mean?” Lockhart said. “It's wrong."

"We got children, and that's scary, because what if our kids were outside," said Reynolds.

Gary Clay is a pastor of St. Mary's CME Church in Searcy, and was heartbroken over Friday night's incident for the family, and for the city.

"Someone lost a son,” Clay said, “somebody's family has been destroyed and I’m really saddened by that, being in this community."

Even though he says crime like this is bound to happen in his town, he hopes something positive can come out of these situation, so communities can grow stronger together.

"I hope to see something good come out of there," Clay said.

"It's tragic to the community and his family and my heart goes out to his family," said Lockhart.

If you have any more information on who's responsible for this incident, you are asked to call the Searcy police department immediately.

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