New laws set to take effect July 31st

Several laws passed by the Arkansas legislature in the 2017 general session are set to take effect July 31st. (KATV Photo)

New Arkansas laws passed by the legislature in the 2017 general session are set to take effect July 31st.

Virtual school days will now be law for up to 10 student attendance days of alternative methods of instruction. School districts can avoid making up snow days by assigning work online if students have to miss school for a weather event.

Level three sex offenders are now allowed on school campuses for a school event if they're related to a student, but they have to give the school 24 hour written notice.

A couple of new gun laws were passed this session.

On July 31st, employees with concealed carry licenses can carry their gun in their car onto their work's campus. The gun must stay in the car.

Not taking effect in July is the enhanced concealed carry bill. The bill one allows concealed carry license holders with extra training to carry their guns into sensitive areas like college campuses and municipal airport terminals. An amendment to that removed college stadiums and teaching hospitals like UAMS from the list of enhanced areas. The enhanced concealed carry law takes effect September 1st.

Starting July 31st you can now receive shipments of small farm wines to your door.

Wine sales at grocery stores won't go into effect until October 1st.

Cosmetology students will now be required to be trained in domestic violence and sexual assault awareness.

And starting July 31st, the state highway commission will be allowed to increase some highway speed limits to 75 miles per hour. They'll be allowed to up speeds after an engineering and traffic investigation of the road.

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