Video shows officers trying to enter North Little Rock home without warrant, woman says

A woman in North Little Rock claims she was harassed and threatened by police and U.S. Marshals who were looking for her brother.

A North Little Rock woman claims she was harassed and threatened by police and U.S. Marshals who were looking for her brother.

Rachel Salley said the lawmen showed up Tuesday morning with an arrest warrant for brother but not a search warrant. It was not clear when they arrived, but a Facebook Live video she posted shows she repeatedly asked for a search warrant. Authorities couldn't provide one. But the video shows they stayed at her home for more than an hour asking to come in.

Salley said the encounter made her fear for her life.

"We've given y'all what you need," Salley says in the video. "Y'all have not given us what we need to even accommodate y'all."

“I don't know what y'all want us to give you,” an officer replies.

“A search warrant,” she says.

The officer then says, "I don't even want to come in ... we were just trying to get you to let us come in to make sure your brother wasn't here."

“But you need a search warrant to come in,” Salley says.

“I don't have a search warrant,” the officer replies.

Salley then asks, “If you don't have one, why are you still here then?”

"Because I’m asking you if we can come in,” he says.

“I told you several different times -- no," Salley says. "If you don't have a search warrant, I’m not letting you in this house."

Salley said in an interview that she streamed the encounter on Facebook Live because she was scared and didn’t know what else to do.

"The only witness of my life and testimony to what was going on at this particular moment would be Facebook," she said.

Salley did not defend her brother for what led to the arrest warrant. She said she simply wanted to see a search warrant before allowing them inside her home.

"That was my first red flag, when he said he didn't have a warrant and he'd have to call and get it," she said. ''So I knew that was fishy."

Salley said her children were scared during the encounter. She said emotions ran higher when officers "broke" their way inside a sunroom on her back porch.

"There were two guys in here with guns drawn ... When I caught them and told them to identify themselves, they refused to identify themselves," she said. “Then the one went back downstairs. The other guy, he stood just like this -- one foot out, one foot in with his gun just like this."

In the Facebook Live video, an officer tells Salley she has a warrant out of Hazen. In the video, the officer assures her they’re not looking for her, but for her brother.

While continuing the livestream, Salley appears to call Hazen authorities and pays a $600 traffic ticket. Salley said she wanted police to stop threatening to arrest her and let them know the ticket was paid. Part of that exchange was also caught on video.

Salley said the lawmen were using the warrant out of Hazen as a tactic to try to come inside.

The U.S. Marshal's Service declined to comment, citing an active warrant. North Little Rock police said they were simply assisting the agency and couldn't provide any additional comment.

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