NLRSD adding walk-through scanners to secondary schools


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- The North Little Rock School district is upping its security measures for the coming school year. Students at all three secondary schools will be walking through scanners to get inside the buildings, and the police department has also provided an additional school resource officer to patrol the elementary schools.

"Kids need to have a positive, progressive encounter with the police, not just a negative encounter. The SRO is such a positive setting for relationships with kids. They see [the SRO] as a friend," School Safety Coordinator Sandy Williams said.

Come Monday, a total of six school resource officers will be patrolling campuses district-wide. Williams says those officers are essential on campus.

"The SRO has to step in to be the police. An incident that has taken place, maybe where someone was irate or angry and came to the school, and the SRO plays a major role of turning that situation around and even moving it to the police arena to do something that school officials cannot do," Williams added.

In addition to SRO's, a high-tech surveillance system in the safety coordinator's office keeps an eye all over campuses across the district. Williams is also working to add a feed into the police department if an incident were to occur.

"So when there is an incident the police can look right into the school where the incident is and respond appropriately," Williams explained.

The school district's current video surveillance system costs about $20,000 according to Williams.

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