No evidence related to Morgan Nick case found in search of Oklahoma property

Authorities from several federal and state agencies were searching an Oklahoma property for evidence related to Morgan Nick's disappearance. (KATV Photo)

An Oklahoma sheriff says nothing was found in relation to the Morgan Nick case after days of combing through a site in Spiro, which investigators searched in 2010 in connection with the Arkansas child's disappearance.

Spiro, a town of about 2,100 people, is located in the southwest part of the Fort Smith metro area. Nick was abducted at age 6 in Alma, Ark., which is on the northeast side of the Fort Smith metro area, in 1995.

LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale says authorities began their search Monday based on a tip, technically not related to Nick's case, that came through the task force. They got officers who were involved in the Nick case to come out to the site in case they did find anything related to it.

"We're satisfied that we haven't uncovered any evidence relating to any of the cases that we're interested in," Sheriff Seale said in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

Alma Police Chief Russell White tells KATV the property that was searched previously belonged to a person of interest in Nick's case. That person of interest is now in the Oklahoma penitentiary on child molestation and rape charges, Sheriff Seale said.

The dig was done about an inch at a time, allowing officials with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner's Office to look at everything being moved. According to Seale, authorities speculated they could have found an old well on the property and were able to dig approximately two feet before their search came to a halt when they hit solid bedrock, indicating there was no well.

Seale says they did notify Colleen Nick, Morgan's mother, that they were digging on the property and police would let her know nothing was found.

According to our news partner, KFSM, Colleen released a statement saying, "I have never given up hope that Morgan is out there waiting to be found. I will continue to fight for Morgan’s return home."

Crews are now working to clean up the property and will then clear the scene.

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