Nonviolence organization remembers 2017's homicide victims

Non-violence group remembers 2017's homicide victims

The group Say’s Stop the Violence is remembering Little Rock's 53 homicide victims of 2017 and praying for peace in the new year.

Throughout 2017, the group has placed over 50 cross on the corner of Daisy Bates and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, each representing a life lost to violence. On Monday, balloons were release in memory of the victims.

“Hopefully in 2018 we can make a difference in our community, all these senseless killings that has been going on,” said Earnest Franklin with Say’s Stop the Violence.

The group is also using the new year to remind the community that violent crime isn't just an issue for the victims' families.

“We are here to remind the community to help us stay vigilant and pray…if you see abnormal happenings notify the police,” said Derotha McIntosh with Say’s Stop the Violence.

The crosses that have been placed for 2017 will not be removed until Martin Luther King Day.

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