North Little Rock double homicide charges dropped: Girlfriend of victim "infuriated"

Kayla Sims was the girlfriend of Glenn Jennings and friend of Monte Gilbert, who were shot dead in a North Little Rock residence in 2017. (KATV Photo)

Prosecutors dropped charges against 34-year-old Emanuel Darrell Traylor, the man accused of killing two men in North Little Rock one year ago.

“When I woke up and seen that, I was infuriated. Why? That’s all I want to know is why,” said Kayla Sims, who was the girlfriend of victim Glenn Jennings.

Charges were dropped because the absence of an “essential witness,” according to the Pulaski County Prosecutor John Johnson.

The only confirmed information about the essential witness is that he is a homeless man.

“Why would you leave a double homicide murder in the hands of a homeless man,” Sims said.

Traylor was alleged to have shot and killed Jennings and Monte Gilbert in the 1400 block of Franklin Street on Jan. 20 2017.

“They weren’t on the streets. They were in their home and they got killed in their home,” Sims said.

Sims, feeling uneasy, is still mourning the loss of her boyfriend and friend.

“I’m not going to say that I moved on. He’s going to always be a part of me but I can’t,” Sims said.

With Traylor out of jail, Sims is worried the worst could happen.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I’m scared because I don’t know, people act off impulse all day,” Sims said.

Police said a witness explained that he was with Traylor at the time to buy marijuana from Jennings and Gilbert. However, instead the witness said Traylor fired at the two men and fled on foot.

The prosecuting attorney couldn't confirm whether this was the same witness they're currently searching for.

The prosecution has a year to finalize the case and possibly recharge Traylor if the essential witness is found.

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