North Little Rock family shares story following fire that killed three family members

North Little Rock family shares story following fire that killed three family members

Amy Kerchner has owned the property on Alta Vista Drive in North Little Rock for roughly 30 years.

She was helping her daughter, Monic, get settled in to her new place in Pennsylvania, when she was told news that would change her life forever.

The call Amy Kerchner received on April 18th is still too much to think about.

"I said no, no I can't hear," Kerchner said.

The call that just before three that morning, North Little Rock Fire made their way to the 5600 block of Alta Vista Drive for a structure fire.

Kerchner found out a few hours later, the news she never thought she would hear.

"My husband, my brother, my nephew, I don't get to see anymore," she said.

Amy's husband Royce and dog Lola, brother, Jack Wang and nephew, Alex, all died in the fire.

"I can't believe three persons at one time is gone," Kerchner said.

The house completely in ruins, clothes, family pictures, and furniture, all destroyed.

The investigation is early, but what she and her daughter, Monica, have been told, was that the fire most likely started at the back porch.

Monica says she believes their fire alarm must not have been working, because if it had been, she said, "they probably all would have been able to get out.”

In the wake of this incident, Massey says, people's takeaway from this should be to keep their loved ones their top priority.

"Don't take it for granted,” she said, “you just have to be with your family."

The family says right now, insurance is covering as much as possible, but the funeral expenses and hotel costs are a lot.

If you would like to help Amy and her family with any of their expenses, whether it be funeral costs or helping with the cost of flying family members from Taiwan to Arkansas, click here, to visit their GoFundMe page.

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