North Little Rock residents say mail delivered to wrong addresses for months

Residents in North Little Rock’s Argenta neighborhood said they’re fed up.

Receiving their neighbors' packages, getting their mail late and sometimes not even at all.

Residents in North Little Rock’s Argenta neighborhood said they’re fed up.

Scott Miller told KATV he routinely walks around the neighborhood and finds his packages on a neighbor’s porch.

Another resident, Ann Clements, said it’s been going on for months now and the latest issue caused her electricity to be turned off. She said she spent more than two hours on Tuesday dealing with the problem.

"North Little Rock electric department does not send shut off notices anymore so my electricity got cut off on Monday," Clements said. "That was my last straw."

Clements runs a jewelry business out of her home and said she depends on her mail service.

"Packages are not being delivered," she said. "You check your tracking number and they say they have been delivered, and they may have been delivered a block over. Same house number but a block off."

Miller, who lives down the street, also runs his own business. He uses a P.O. box for that, but his personal mail is a different story.

"You get an email that says your box has been delivered and it's not here," he said. "And at least two or three times in the last three months, about once a month we'll end up walking the neighborhood and finding our box at the neighbor's house and just going up to the neighbor's property and getting our Amazon boxes."

Miller continued: "Well, fortunately we have a very tight neighborhood, so we all know each other ... but it is kind of crazy."

Neighbors told KATV their beloved postmaster retired within the last year and mail service hasn't been the same since.

KATV did speak with a U.S. Postal Service supervisor, but he couldn’t comment.

Clements said that a supervisor told her they’re looking into the matter.

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