Officer Tommy Norman responds to NLRPD social media policy

Officer Tommy Norman talks to KATV Channel 7 about NLRPD's social media policy. (Photo: KATV)

He's followed by more than one million people on social media, but the North Little Rock Police Department's social media policy may impact Officer Tommy Norman's interaction with his fans.

On Wednesday, he told his online audience about the change through a video on Instagram.

"Today I was informed by some superiors at the North Little Rock Police Department that I will no longer be able to post on city time," said Norman.

Norman has 1.1 million fans on Facebook, over 23,000 followers on Twitter, then one million followers on Instagram.

In a statement, the police department says posts during on-duty work hours should now be approved through the media relations unit. Plus, they want to make sure there is no conflict of interest between the department and Norman's non-profit foundation, Mission Give.

However, the statement goes on to say the department supports Norman's work.

"All of the posts as a police officer in the past several months, years, have never been a conflict of interest,” said Norman. “It's always been an effort on my part to shed a positive light on the police department and North Little Rock."

Norman shared his reaction on Instagram.

"It is unfortunate,” said Norman in his video. “I have to respect the decision, although I'm not happy with it."

"Some people wake up and look forward to my posts early in the morning with me working dayshift,” said Norman. “Some people that are depressed, some people are dealing with sadness."

His fans posting messages of support for the 19-year-department veteran.

One person even stopping Norman after his interview with KATV Channel 7.

"I've heard about a lot of things he's done for children and you know, a good cause, like over the holidays,” said Terry Patterson. “He's a good officer, like I said."

When asked if this would have a negative impact on his followers, Norman responded: "No ma'am, because the uniform does not make me. The badge doesn't make me."

Channel 7 did reach out to NLRPD to interview Chief Mike Davis, but we were told he wouldn’t be doing any interviews on this matter.

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