Over $20,000 raised for Reese's the chihuahua's medical care

Reeses the chihuahua in the care of a Little Rock vet (KATV Photo)

Friday afternoon, Reese's the chihuahua was shot by now-former Faulkner County Deputy Keenan Wallace. He was fired 24 hours after the incident, but Reese's survived.

The Faulkner County community has since rallied around the dog, raising money for the massive amount of medical bills she has acquired since the shooting. Meagan Harris, a resident in the Shiloh Estates neighborhood was just down the street when it all happened.

"Watching your dog lay in a ditch, bleeding, suffering - it's horrible," she said. "I can't imagine it. I don't know what i would do in his (Doug Canady's) shoes."

So, she did what she could think of at the time. A Go Fund Me account was set up in hopes of covering whatever medical expenses Reese's would endure. The surgery alone to fix her shattered jaw is upwards of $10,000. That doesn't include follow-up care and anything else she'll need.

"That's what's going to happen. And after that, all money that is left over is going to rescues here in Central Arkansas," added Harris.

A beneficiary bank account has also been set up for Reese's. All of the money collected from the Go Fund Me will go straight there.

The original goal was $2,500. Now, it's at over $20,000.

"It's touching. I didn't know it would go this far," said Harris.

As for what's next for Reese's, Doug Canady and his daughter will officially adopt both Reese's and her brother, Oreo.

Harris said, "They're his now. He loves them. If you see the videos, you know that dog knows Doug."

When speaking about Keenan Wallace, Harris says she wishes things would have been handled differently but has now forgiven him for what he did.

If you wish to donate to Reeses' Go Fund Me account, you can find that here.

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