Former patients testify against Conway doctor accused of sexual assault

Tuesday marked the second day of a jury trial for a Conway doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients.

Tuesday marked the second day of a jury trial for a Conway doctor accused of sexually assaulting patients.

State prosecutors called upon at least five witnesses for testimony in the Faulkner County Circuit Court.

During opening statements, KATV learned that nine patients will take the stand in this case, that now clarifies that at least nine patients have accused Dr. Robert Rook of sexual assault. When he was initially arrested, it was reported that three patients accused Rook.

In court on Tuesday, Channel 7 was there when three former patients took the stand.

The first testimony came from a 30-year-old woman who was the first to file a report against Rook back in October 2015.

She said Rook performed a breast exam, despite it not being needed or requested. She added he was "bouncing" her breasts, and it didn't appear to be standard with other checks she'd had in the past. The patient said Rook “appeared to be enjoying what he was doing”.

The defense attempted to discredit her by discussing her mental history and depression, and records showing a previous doctor said she sometimes distorts reality.

A second patient took the stand, a 33-year-old nurse.

She said because of her medical training, she knew the breast and pelvic exams Rook performed was not appropriate since he was fondling her. She added that he performed the pelvic exam without the standard instruments used for a woman’s pap-smear.

A third patient, a 20-year-old student and patient Rook has seen since birth, in fact he delivered her, also accused him of performing a breast exam that was inappropriate. Although, the defense claimed she didn't even know what was appropriate since it was her first breast exam.

At least two more witnesses were called while KATV was still there. A friend of one of the patients to clarify what he advised her to report to police and a Conway Police sergeant that was part of the investigation.

This trial is expected to last up to two weeks, and KATV will continue to update this story.

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