Paving the way for growth: Bryant mayor talks road construction projects

KATV photo

If you've driven through Bryant lately, you've probably noticed quite a few road construction projects underway.

The city mayor tells KATV it's all part of a plan to keep up with population growth in the city.

Construction on Bryant Parkway began about a year ago, but with the city's continued growth, mayor Allen Scott says there's been a recent push to speed up the process.

It's slow going down Reynolds Road in Bryant Monday afternoon, a frequent occurrence for many drivers trying to get through town.

"Definitely coming through town, I have to go other ways to get home," Justin Harmon, who lives in the area, said.

Mayor Scott says the high volume of traffic stems from the city's growing population.

"Right now, they are doing the stretch from the interstate to a road called Shobe Road, and from Shobe Road south it's still a design phase," he said.

The mayor says the goal is to make it easier for drivers to get to one end of the city to another.

He says a connection from Highway 5 to Interstate 30 is already complete, and the next step is to connect Highway 183 to the interstate.

"It will give them an opportunity to go around and get to the interstate in a different route," Scott said.

Mayor Scott says a recent traffic study from ARDOT also shows a few dangerous intersections in need of traffic lights.

One intersection being Highway 5 and Bryant Parkway and the second Hill Farm Road and Highway 183.

"They say it warrants a light, and now we have to pursue some funds to get that light."

They mayor says the city is still in the process of approving layouts and waiting on approvals for the projects.

Until then, he reminds drivers to be patient.

Mayor Scott tells KATV the projects are slotted to by done by 2020.

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