City rescinds awards given to officers involved in shooting of 107-year-old

Monroe Isadore's family reacts to the city taking away medal of valor awards from police officers that were responsible for shooting and killing their dad in 2013. (Photo KATV)

In September 2013, Pine Bluff police officers were called to a home on 16th Street, where 107-year-old Monroe Isadore was living.

They were told Isadore pointed a weapon at two people inside. Police attempted to get the two people out of the home safely.

Officers tried using a camera, negotiating tactics, and gas, before shooting Isadore. However, police said Isadore fired shots at the officers and officers ended up shooting and killing him.

After the incident, the officers involved in the shooting were given lifesaving medal of valor awards.

Tuesday night, alderwoman Thelma Walker put forth a resolution to take away those awards. The council unanimously voted in favor of Walker's resolution.

Two of Isadore's children were there to witness it. They told Channel 7 they didn't even know about the medals until we told them about the meeting.

"It was shocking when I found out about it," Tyrone Isadore, Monroe's son, said.

"I looked up valor, and I'm like, 'No, that doesn't fit to what they did to my dad'," Paula Aguilar, Isadore's daughter, said.

Aguilar said the city has never apologized to her family, and this decision felt like some type of apology.

However, not everyone at the meeting was on board with the decision.

"When some of this council would learn when something is over, it's over. Don't keep bringing it up. The incident with Mr. Isadore was raked over the coals and put to rest almost three years ago," one citizen said.

Isadore's children think differently. They said it's like a wound that never seems to heal.

"It's like pouring salt on an open wound to bring it all back up and to hear that they got awarded for that, that was unreal," Aguilar said.

It is still unsure who made the decision or when it was made to give those officers an award.

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