Police investigating fight between Booneville teens

Police are investigating a fight between two teens in Booneville. (MGN Photo)

Dramatic video with over 600,000 Facebook views shows two Booneville teens engaged in a violent fight.

The video shows two teens, one in a black hoodie, the other in a white tee-shirt, having an altercation. But it quickly escalates from throwing punches to body slamming as the teen wearing the black hoodie throw the teen in white to the ground. He then straddles the other teen, pinning him down, relentlessly punching, kneeing, and kicking him in the face and chest.

Channel 7 News reached out to Booneville School District’s acting superintendent Scotty Pierce. He tells us that no disciplinary action can be taken because the fight did not happen on school grounds but that parents have been notified.

Meanwhile, Logan County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that, “Both students are high school students at Booneville.”

As for the video - it’s now in the police department’s hands and is being used as part of their investigation.

But in the video, a final blow to the face ends the fight. Channel 7 News decided not to show the teen in white getting kicked in the face by the teen in black, but instead, the moments leading up to it. Next frame and the teen in white is lying unconscious on the ground.

The sister says the incident happened across the street from her mother’s house.

Her official statement: “Bullying needs to stop and everyone involved in this needs to have consequences because nobody stopped the fight knowing my brother was getting kicked pretty bad.”

Many people have asked if the boy who was kicked in the face was mentally challenged. Contrary to posts on social media, the family of the boy says he is not.

A Facebook post from the Booneville School District in Mississippi was mistakenly cited in a previous version of this story.

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