Police: UAMS employee accused of sexually assaulting 4 boys

Authorities say a Little Rock doctor facing one charge of sexual assault has now been accused of sexually assaulting four boys between the ages of 14-21. (Little Rock Police Department)

Authorities say a Little Rock doctor is being accused of sexually assaulting four boys between the ages of 14-21.

According to LRPD, allegations against James Nesmith first surfaced when a pastor at Covenant Presbyterian Church reported to the DHS Child Abuse Hotline in 2015 that he became aware of allegations of sexual abuse against a mentor within their church.

The pastor reported several teens within the congregation alleged Nesmith touched their genitals various times during activities such as hikes and even at Nesmith's home.

One teenage boy, now in his 20's came forward saying he was sexually assaulted at least 12 years ago.

Nesmith is currently employed at UAMS as an associate professor and worked at Arkansas Children's hospital until May of this year.

A spokesperson for UAMS says Nesmith has been placed on administrative leave without pay, and states that while Nesmith was employed at UAMS while the alleged incident occurred, the incident did not happen on their campus and did not involve a patient or patient care.

Police say Nesmith only faces one count of second-degree sexual assault in all four cases due to the Arkansas statute of limitations.

Arkansas Children's Hospital has released the following two statements in regards to the allegations against Nesmith.


Because the allegations against Dr. Nesmith involve events with a local church and not associated with Arkansas Children's Hospital, we do not have an active internal investigation. However, when the allegation first surfaced we did determine that no similar complaints had surfaced at Arkansas Children's before placing him on indeterminate suspension from the Active Medical Staff. Dr. Nesmith has been employed by UAMS for 22 years serving on the ACH campus.


Christopher Curtis resigned Arkansas Children’s on Saturday, October 14. There has been no internal investigation as the allegations do not involve Arkansas Children’s Hospital patients or Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

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