Poll: Arkansans say healthcare biggest concern, climate change poses 'serious threat'

Arkansans are more concerned about healthcare than in the past (Photo: KATV)

Arkansans are more concerned about healthcare than in the past and believe that climate change poses an imminent risk, according to a University of Arkansas poll released Thursday.

The university asked 1,200 randomly-selected people questions about those topics and others -- diversity, politics, abortion, gun control -- for its 20th annual Arkansas Poll.

Participants said healthcare was the most important issue facing Arkansans, followed by drugs, education and the economy. The economy had been the most important issue to Arkansans the past two years.

For the fourth year straight year, the university asked whether global warming or climate change will "pose a serious threat to you or your way of life in your lifetime." Forty-seven percent said yes, an increase of more than than 50 percent from last year. Forty-four percent said no.

The university also asked questions about the upcoming mid-term elections. Some of those responses:

  • 73 percent support Issue 2, an amendment requiring voters to present photo ID
  • 67 percent support Issue 5, a measure to increase the minimum wage
  • 59 percent support Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson, while 35 percent support his Democratic challenger Jared Henderson

The poll is designed and analyzed by University of Arkansas political science professor Janine Perry.

“Based on our election prediction record, it’s clear Arkansans are honest about their preferences," she said.

Full results of the poll are available here.

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