Preschooler carries handgun on school bus

Preschooler carries gun on school bus.

A Monticello preschooler has been suspended after bringing a handgun on the school bus Tuesday, but administration wasn’t even aware of the fact until lunchtime.

Tuesday morning, the child’s mother met him at the Pre-K bus drop-off spot just as he was getting off the bus to head into school and retrieved the gun before it made its way into the building.

School administration tells Channel 7 an older student on the bus called the child’s mother to let her know about the gun.

All was well Wednesday morning at Drew Central Elementary, but Tuesday morning a deadly weapon almost made its way to the classroom.

School administration say several students on one of the school buses reported seeing a handgun in the backpack of a four-year-old boy.

“I don’t recall a student having a weapon on campus—especially at that age level,” Superintendent Billy Williams said, adding that in his 43 years, this is the first weapon-related incident he’s experienced.

“It was a wake-up call to feel like our society has got to a point that a student would have access [to a weapon] at that age,” he added.

At this time, the school district is working with police and questioning students.

Meanwhile, Darian Dalsis, whose 12-year-old son was on that same school bus, claims the child threatened to shoot someone at school.

“My son came home yesterday and said, ‘Dad, I seen a pistol today at school.’ I said, ‘Really?’”

But that’s not Dalsis’ only concern. He feels the school district should have let parents know about the incident much sooner.

“Not for the kids to have to tell the parents. It should be an adult that’s in charge to tell the parents,” Dalsis explained.

The district posted on Facebook Wednesday morning notifying parents of Tuesday's incident.

Although Dialsis’ son says the child threatened to shoot someone at school, administration tells Channel 7 the threat is unconfirmed and being investigated.

The child has been suspended pending the investigation.

Currently all Pre-K students’ bags are checked before they enter the building, according to Williams.

The school district is looking to add safety measures by possibly adding security cameras to all entrances of the buildings.

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