President Clinton invites UPS employee who walked to work to Clinton Center for dinner

Clinton tweets invitation to dinner to UPS employee

Two weeks ago, KATV introduced you to Trent Lewis, a UPS employee who for the past seven months walked 11 miles to work through any weather. His co-workers noticed Lewis' work ethic and perfect attendance and were shocked to learn he did not have a vehicle. They came together to raise $2,000, purchased a car and surprised Lewis with the gift at the end of his morning shift.

The story and surprise went viral, even catching the attention of President Bill Clinton who tweeted, "Mr. Lewis, why don't you come by the Clinton Center and I'll treat you, Karmen, and your co-workers to a meal at 42 Bar and Table."

KATV shared Lewis' contact information with the Clinton Center, and Lewis confirms the former president's office has reached out to him to set up a meeting.

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