Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor reportedly carjacked by man he met on 'Jack'd'

Pulse Nightclub shooting survivor Chris Hansen tells Channel 7 he survived another dangerous ordeal: a carjacking. (Photo: KATV)

An Arkansas man says he was left stranded and terrified Wednesday afternoon after being carjacked by a man he met on a dating app.

Christopher Hansen tells Channel 7 he was in the Little Rock area from Orlando to see his parents for their wedding anniversary.

Wanting to meet up with someone and hang out, Hansen agreed to pick up a man he talked to all day on Jack'd, which is a dating app for gay men.

"The name of the app is Jack'd, and I got jacked," said Hansen.

He went to Colonial Park Apartments on Baseline Road to pick the unnamed man up. In a police report, he described the suspect as dark-skinned black man, standing 6'2" and slender, with short hair.

Hansen says at first, the man tried to get him to pay to meet up, but he refused. After that, they rode to Benny Craig Park.

"The individual wanted me to take my pants off in the park,” said Hansen. “I wasn't about taking my pants off."

After refusing to drop his pants, Hansen says the man started looking at the rocks by the water strangely. Then, Hansen spotted a tarp not too far away.

"And to me, I saw a horror movie,” said Hansen. “I saw scary, like knocked out, wrapped in a tarp, thrown in the lake."

So, Hansen started walking towards his car.

"He gets behind me and shoves me,” said Hansen. “When I fall, luckily, luckily my key flew out of my pocket."

Hansen says the unidentified man snatched his keys off the ground, ran to the car, then drove off.

While he was left stranded, Hansen says he counts himself blessed.

Hansen is the same man that talked to Channel 7 after surviving the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando.

"I still look back at it like ‘wow,’” said Hansen. I remember holding. (pauses) yeah."

He has this advice for others using dating apps: "Get their name, find out their full intent, don’t hook up immediately with the individual. Get to know the address, or meet in a public place or a restaurant where there’s a lot of people.”

As of Thursday night, Little Rock police have not arrested anyone in connected to the carjacking.

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