Rainy weather causes congestion for holiday travelers

Rainy weather causes congestion for holiday travelers

Luckily there's very minimal traffic, most of the people who were planning on leaving the area today have already done so.

But that influx we saw in the early afternoon caused commuters to hit the road sooner than normal.

It's the most, traffic filled time, of the year.

"Traffic is bad enough when it's dry but when it's raining like this," William Taylor, a local resident, said.

You see congestion, and worse, accidents because of the road conditions.

"The roads are real slick when it's wet so in certain spots you might slip and slide so if you slow down and drive the speed limit, at least do the speed limit, I think that would be a lot better," Taylor said.

AAA is predicting 107.3 million Americans will travel during the year-end holiday period starting Saturday.

"It's mainly on the weekends where it seems to be heavier," Robert Furgason, who plans on traveling to White Hall for the holidays, said.

Folks we spoke with in North Little Rock say they're hitting the road earlier than normal to try and avoid that congestion.

"Just a little bit early, try to get past some of the traffic that might come a little bit earlier, yeah," Furgason said. "It makes for an easier drive and less stress."

But others haven't seen any traffic out there, only dangerous driving when the rain has been coming down.

"So far,” Veronica Taylor, William’s wife, said, “we've been out since 7:30 this morning and it's like zoom, zoom, zoom all the time."

Veronica Taylor says that won't last long.

"People will be getting off work early, and this is probably going to be a mess out here so the best thing to do is to use your traffic signal light, slow down and give a little respect to the next car," Veronica Taylor said.

There have been several crashes throughout the metro area, and for people who are still anticipating a long drive for the holidays...

"Be careful in traffic because the life you save just could be your own," William Taylor said.

If you still plan on leaving tomorrow, be sure to head out early in the morning to avoid those last-minute travelers.

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