Arkansans rally in support of Muslims and immigrants

Arkansans protest Donald Trump's executive order on immigration (KATV Photo)

Protests and rallies continued around the country, including here in Arkansas, against President Trump's controversial executive order on immigration.

Here in Little Rock, they gathered on the steps of the Capitol.

Trump's executive order bans travel from seven countries with populations that are mostly Muslim for 90 days. Those countries include Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen. All refugee admission has been suspended for 120 days.

"Even though the order only targets the seven different states, it does read like a Muslim ban, which is what President Trump spoke about doing on the campaign. This is a roundabout way of doing it," said Rasha Al Zahabi, who spoke at Sunday's rally. She is the daughter of a Syrian immigrant.

"I am a Muslim-American. [This was] an attack on Muslim-Americans. I was really glad that they were able to organize this."

The Imam for the Islamic Center of Little Rock said the executive order touched his congregation directly.

"Some of whom, they've been working here for over 10 years, as consultants, as physicians, as university professors, so they don't know what to do now," said Dr. Mahmoud Hassanein.

"If they want to go back to their home, for example, although America is home for all of us, they cannot go."

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