Record crest for DeGray Lake still impacting area

While DeGray Lake's crest was record-setting last week, the high water is still causing issues for surrounding areas like Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina. (Photo: KATV)

On Degray Lake, record-setting water levels are now on the way down after nearly a week.

According to the Army Corp of Engineers, the lake's crest was 423.2 on Thursday, breaking a 1982 record of 420.2.

David Egleston has managed Iron Mountain Lodge and Marina for the past 38 years, where power had to be cut to much of the property due to flooding.

"We're using generator power at the store to keep our reservations and the phones answered," said Eggleston.

Out of the 600+ slips where boats are stored, only 16 have power.

Cabin rental units for guests have been impacted as well.

"We've had to shut parts of the sewer system down,” said Egleston. “That forced us to close eight units, and that is impacting people with their Spring Break travel plans as well. We've had to cancel some of those."

Now that the water is going down, they have to keep an eye on where boats and debris end up.

"Be sure all our anchors are in place to make sure everything goes back where it's supposed to," said Egleston

Plus, there will be plenty repairs.

"There will be lots of repairs to walkways that the high winds are impacting," said Egleston.

Egleston says he hopes to have power restored by Friday.

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