Red Cross of Arkansas sending volunteers to assist with Hurricane Florence relief

700 Red Cross volunteers including at least eight from Arkansas are deploying to various states on the east coast in light of approaching Hurricane Florence.

As a menacing hurricane barrels toward the coast, American Red Volunteers from across the nation including Arkansas are prepared to provide humanitarian relief.

Eight volunteers from Arkansas will be helping in a variety of ways in the coastal states slated to be impacted by Hurricane Florence.

"With this being the kind of hurricane that we think it's going to be, we have volunteers who are ready to jump at a moments notice," said Lori McFarlene, Red Cross of Greater Arkansas executive director.

Florence exploded to a category four storm and is making its way to the Carolinas and Virginia. The hurricane is carrying with it more than 130 mile per hour winds and rainfall that could result in destructive flooding.

Meanwhile, the Red Cross is the bringing its own arsenal of resources.

"The primary function of the ERV or emergency response vehicles are feeding. In these canteens, we will these with food and we're actually able to pull these down and it serves as feeding trays so we can put trays on them and then out through the windows on the ERV into the community," said volunteer Kyle Nipper.

This marks Nipper's second Red Cross deployment. While one of the Arkansas ground crews is driving to North Carolina, Nipper is flying to Virginia to help with shelters.

"Most of the people who will be in our shelter that I'll be working in will only be there temporarily until they can find another place to go and then post-landfall, they actually open up emergency shelters for people who have lost their homes in the disaster," Nipper said.

About 700 Red Cross volunteers nationwide are ready to respond to catastrophe and provide relief.

"It's heart breaking but it's also amazing to know that we're actually able to bring a little bit of hope back," McFarlene said.

"It's a lot of hours that we put into it but it's all to help people that need help more than we do," Nipper said.

McFarlene noted there's a possibility of more than eight Arkansan volunteers to be deployed. Volunteers are expected to be on site for three weeks.

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