"Red, White, and Cue" kicks off Governor Hutchinson's inauguration

Governor Asa Hutchinson socializes at his "Red, White, and Cue" inauguration party (KATV Photo)

Tuesday morning, Asa Hutchinson will take the oath of office for his second term as Arkansas's governor. But the celebrations kicked off with a barbecue on Monday evening.

"Looking at the governor, he has 6 grand kids, and they're having a ball here, and he loves that," said Dave Wengel, co-chair for the inauguration committee. In the first of many events laid out for his inauguration, Governor Hutchinson wanted at least one of them to be family friendly. The "Red, White, and Cue" party allowed for everyone to come together celebrating a successful campaign season and catapulting into his second and final term. Wengel said, "It's kind of unique with an inauguration. You have about 2 months to plan and you want to make sure that you're doing a wide range of events and not using tax payer money either." He added that every single event is sponsored.

It's the start of a busy two days for Governor Hutchinson, but it's nothing he takes for granted. He said, "Well, I have to look forward to the swearing in, just to have that mark where you have another 4 years to serve the people of this state. But also, it's just affirming to know that they said you've had 4 years, we think you've done a good job, we want you again."

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