Searchable data base of Arkansas restaurant inspections now online

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The Arkansas Health Department's inspections of local restaurants are now available online, but what’s going in some of those kitchens may surprise you.

"You know there's nothing like having a good piece of meat juice drip onto your cheesecake, that's fantastic," joked restaurant owner Don Dugan when Channel 7 News told him about one of the violations we found.

In one Pulaski County restaurant, they were storing raw meat right above ready to serve pie.

Violations are not the case at Dugan's Pub, owner Don Dugan says keeping their restaurant clean is a daily practice.

That’s unlikely the motto at a very popular downtown Little Rock lunch spot. In July the inspectors found roaches crawling on the wall as well as in the refrigerator.

“That is really gross stuff. That's all stuff that can easily be taken care of and it's something that you do every day. It's not something you do because you know the health inspector is coming,” Dugan said.

We searched just the last three months of inspections in Pulaski County and what inspectors found in some of the restaurants is anything but appetizing.

At one Little Rock burger restaurant in June, a health inspector said the plumbing was malfunctioning and there was standing water and sewage on the kitchen floor and food storage area.

There were also multiple restaurants whose ice and soda machines had mold. One ice machine, the inspector found black and pink slime inside.

Dugan says if restaurants have nothing to hide, then they should be glad those inspections are out there for consumers.

"After being in the restaurant business for 25 years, I think it's about time it's easier to see because all they really know is whether we passed or not because we're open,” Dugan said.

Here is the link to the health department's food inspection portal.

You can search for any restaurant by name or by city or county. You can even put in dates to find the most recent.

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