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Saline County Quorum Court vote to remove obscene books from library children's section

Saline County Quorum Court voted to remove obscene or sexual books from the children's section in county libraries.{ }{p}{/p}{p}(Photo: KATV){/p}
Saline County Quorum Court voted to remove obscene or sexual books from the children's section in county libraries.

(Photo: KATV)

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The Saline County Quorum Court discussed a hot-button topic on Monday to remove certain books from the children's section in the county public library. The Justice of the Peace members had a meeting that went more than two hours.

Before a decision was made nearly 53 people either for or against the court's resolution expressed their opinion.

It was a packed courtroom Monday night, residents from both sides express their passionate views. One man said he's from the resolution and that in his opinion it's not enough. A Saline County Public Library employee said they invite the community to look at the books they have on display. She urged everyone to look at where the children's section is versus where the young adult section is.

Kathleen Blackwell said she supports the library. She believes ultimately parents should decide what their children can or can not read from the library.

“If you don’t want your child don’t let them, you’re in control of your child correct? If you don’t like a book then don’t check it out," Blackwell said.

According to quorum court members, their resolution parallels ACT 372 which was recently passed into law. Part of the new legislation states it's an act to amend the law concerning libraries and obscene materials made available to minors; to amend the law concerning the possession, sale, distribution, or furnishing of obscene materials. It goes on to state the offense of furnishing a harmful item to a minor; to amend the criminal code in relation to obscene materials loaned by a library.

The majority of the court voted to pass the resolution from the children's section. The law will be enacted as of July 1st. The court's resolution could go into effect immediately.

KATV discovered those books that people spoke out against, most of them are currently checked out from the county library.

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