Saturday before Christmas busier than Black Friday

"Super Saturday" -- the Saturday before Christmas, is said to be busier than Black Friday.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KATV) -- Christmas is just two days away, but are you still struggling to find that last minute Christmas gift?

Channel 7 caught up with some procrastinators out at Park Plaza Mall Saturday.

The last-minute Christmas shopping is underway, and believe it or not, it’s said the Saturday before Christmas is even busier than Black Friday.

“I was supposed to be shopping for the kiddos and I ended up grabbing a couple things for myself,” Nicholas Brewer said.

There’s one thing all the shoppers Channel 7 caught up with have in common: they’re never going last-minute shopping again.

“It has been kind of stressful. I couldn’t find the right size, like a lot of sizes have been pretty much gone,” Ryan Williams said. The dad of two was hoping to get a shirt for one of his daughters.

From the outlet mall, to Park Plaza, and anywhere in between, shoppers filled the stores, searching for that perfect gift.

“I am actually looking for a secret sister gift. I’m a camp counselor and we draw secret sisters and I’m last-minute buying her gift,” explained another shopper, Courtnie Taylor said. She and her mom say they’re keeping sane by navigating the lines and crowded parking lots.

"It's best to try to go and get it done as soon as possible beause tomorrow is gonna be really rough. And everything is closing early tomorrow too,” Ryan chimed in.

And in the midst of all the chaos and stress of last-minute shopping, Courtnie and her mom hold on to a little Christmas spirit:

“There’s no way to not get in the crowd and get in the lines, so just be patient; be kind,” Courtnie’s mom said.

Park Plaza is open tomorrow but only until 6 p.m., along with McCain Mall and the Outlets of Little Rock.

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