Severe weather causes flooding and damage throughout Arkansas

Severe weather causes flooding and damage throughout Arkansas

The aftermath of the storm on Saturday left people without power and with damaged personal belongings.

Arkansas felt the wind.

And saw the rain fall and the water rise.

The severe weather caused flooding in several parts of Arkansas, and the strength of the winds lead to damage as well.

"Everything happens for a reason," Bryan Anderson, a Conway resident, said.

Anderson lives just east of the University of Central Arkansas.

He, along with his neighbors, lost power when this tree fell on top of his car around four this afternoon, taking some power lines along with it.

"I can't control God bringing a tree down on my car, it happened," Anderson said.

He was one of thousands of Arkansans who had power outages.

According to Entergy’s website, at one point, Pulaski County had roughly 1,500 people without power.

Lack of power, and flooding near homes like this one.

Water completely covering the driveway and nearly reaching the house. Although the rain has left, the damage is still here.

But regardless, Anderson is staying optimistic.

"I wasn't in the vehicle, so that's a blessing right there," Anderson said. "I’m just going to assess the damage and see if there's anything I can do to getting it fixed or getting it scrapped and working on something new."

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