Sheriff’s office using drone for search and rescue operations

Sheriff’s office using drone for search and rescue operations. (KATV Photo)

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Office will now have an eye in the sky by taking its search and rescue efforts to new heights.

On Monday, the department unveiled its new top of the line drone equipment.

“It’s going to benefit the good to help somebody,” said Capt. Mark Swagerty with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office.

The drone, which is equipped with thermal imaging, was purchased with seized drug money and costs around $30,000.

The department plans to use the equipment to mainly aid in finding missing children or to find those who suffer from dementia and wander off.

“You can cover so much ground so much quicker. Grandparents if they are sick, they wander off. We put this up in the air and we find them quick. If one person gets found and saved with this, it paid for itself 100 times over,” said Capt. Swagerty.

Capt. Swagerty who is an FAA-certified drone pilot says the drone will also be used to take aerial shots of crime scenes and assist in active shooter situations.

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