Sherwood homeowner finds her rented house covered in feces and animal fur

Sherwood homeowner finds her rented house covered in feces and animal fur

Tiffany Szumila was in town for a week for work.

She went to visit the home she's been renting out for about four years and that's when she saw the horrific conditions inside.

It was tough for Tiffany Szumila to see her home in this condition.

She is in the military, and bought this property in Sherwood eight years ago.

Around 2014, she began renting out the house while she moved for work.

"I personally remodeled the entire kitchen,” Szumila said. “I hand, tooth, nail, blood sweat tears, I put it all into it."

She remodeled most of the house herself.

But now, "It is a real-life episode of hoarders in there,” Szumila said.

If you were to walk into the home today, like Szumila did on August 16th in this video, this is what you find.

"The house reeks of dog smell and feces," she said in the video.

Dirt, animal fur, and feces cover most of the walls in her homes now.

"It's completely destroyed," Szumila said.

The most striking images come from looking at what the house used to look like.

Here you can see the master bathroom.

Now, covered in animal and human excrement.

"Seeing it all destroyed,” Szumila said, “it's like churning out an open wound."

"I don't know how anybody lived there," Karen Page, the tenant’s mother, said.

As we were talking with Szumila, across the street, Page noticed us outside and decided to come over and apologize on behalf of her daughter and son and law.

"This is very hard," Page said.

She says the couple has two boys, one with autism, and was living in the home with 14 rabbits, a cat and four dogs.

"They've picked up and destroyed your house beyond repair," Page said. "I’m shocked that they're all still alive."

Page doesn't know where the tenants are but hopes they do what she considers to be the right thing.

"I’m imploring to her and my son in law to turn themselves in and bring those kids back," said Page.

As for Szumila, she says this discourages her from ever renting her home again.

She hopes insurance will total the house so she can cut her losses and move on.

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