Slain Little Rock man's ID, keys found in scuffle with shoplifters

Loren Robinson, 30, was shot to death in Little Rock in July.

Clothing store employees found a slain Little Rock man's ID and keys after scuffling with two suspected shoplifters Monday afternoon, police reported.

Officers were called shortly after 2 p.m. to Rainbow Shops at 2610 S. Shackleford Road, where an employee, Jaylen Arberry, 28, said she and a co-worker had chased two women into the parking who had stolen from the store, according to a police report.

The women reportedly got into a black Honda Accord and Arberry reached inside to try to stop them from fleeing.

The women began driving away and dragged Arberry with them for a short distance, according to the report. The robbers struck two vehicles in the parking lot before fleeing the area.

“We're still actively trying to identify the shoplifting suspects, just to see who was in the vehicle and who was actually committing the theft,” says Lt. Michael Ford, public information officer with Little Rock Police Department.

Police said the keys and ID belonged to Loren Robinson, 30. He was shot to death while sitting in a car outside his mother's home in the 1000 block of Stardust Trail the evening of July 24. No arrests have been in the homicide case.

“Initially, we thought that maybe that this could have possibly been a suspect in it, but after obtaining this information and doing research on it, we found out that it's possibly the girlfriend or ex-girlfriend who had the items in question,” says Lt. Ford.

Lt. Ford says finding Robinson's keys and I.D. with the woman is not out of the ordinary.

"That's not strange just because they knew each other and had a relationship with each other," said Lt. Ford. "So, she probably had it at the house, and she's probably keeping it as a memento or something to remember it by."

No arrests had been made in the robbery as of Wednesday evening.

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