Soil remediation at former Majestic Hotel site last step in cleanup process

Dirt from this roughly nine cubic-foot hole on the former Majestic Hotel property will be hauled off and the last phase of soil remediation before the site receives certifications from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. (Photo: KATV)

Lead-contaminated dirt removed from the site of the former Majestic Hotel is the last step the city of Hot Springs will likely have to take before the state's environmental quality agency gives the property a clean bill of health.

The city of Hot Springs bought the five-plus acre property from the owner after the vacant hotel's owner failed to clean up from a massive 2014 fire that gutted the once iconic hotel.

"ADEQ, whenever they brought in a redevelopment plan for the property - how to clean it up - what we relayed to them was we wanted to have a residential clearance for this property which really provides unrestricted redevelopment possibilities," said Lance Spicer, Hot Springs Assistant City Manager.

Just roughly nine-cubic feet of contaminated dirt was removed and placed under tarps on Tuesday.

"Once that soil is removed and hauled to a class one landfill in Saline County, really were looking for the site to get the environmental clearance that we've worked toward for approximately two-and-a-half years."

Once the city receives the green light from the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, Spicer said the city will finally move forward with community outreach meetings to determine exactly what to do with the property.

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