State Veterinarian: Dogs need flu shots

State Veterinarian: Dogs need flu shots. (Courtesy: KATV)

The Arkansas State Veterinarian is urging that dogs get their flu shot.

“It's a nasty cough, a gross nasal discharge, a kind of foamy vomit,” said Anita Sedberry, the owner of the Canine Country Club of Arkansas.

The latest alert comes directly from the Arkansas State Veterinarian after there have been confirmed canine influenza cases in 6 states associated with dog movement between American Kennel Club dog shows.

"All they have to do is smell and they can pick it up. It's that contagious,” said Sedberry.

The Canine Country Club of Arkansas also states they believe the vaccination is important following the countless number of pets that have been moved around the country after being displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

“What made us having to start moving forward is Hurricane Harvey and the displaced dogs and Irma about to make landfall. Plus, we have customers out of Texas and Louisiana where they do have cases of the flu,” said Sedberry.

The Pulaski County business pet boarding business has now set a November 21st deadline for all of their furry members to be vaccinated for the canine flu.

"We decided to roll it, let's do it, let’s protect these dogs,” said Sedberry.

There are no reported cases of canine influenza in the state of Arkansas but there are reported cases in the surrounding states.

Canine influenza is highly contagious. If your furry friend becomes ill from the canine flu it could lead to canine pneumonia and could be fatal.

For more information on canine influenza, you can contact a veterinarian or the Arkansas Livestock and Poultry Commission Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

For more information on the Canine Country Club of Arkansas and their services, you can visit their website here.

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