Stores, shoppers in Little Rock prepping for Black Friday

Instead of going home at normal closing hours, Wednesday night workers at Best Buy in Little Rock spent time preparing for the rush of customers they'll see for Black Friday.

Doors will be open at 5:00 p.m. Thanksgiving.

"If I do see something that I think is worth it, then we usually buy small things, but I think it's fun,” said Catarina Young, who plans on shopping on Black Friday.

TVs, computers, and all kinds of electronics will be on sale.

Some customers were already mapping out strategies Wednesday.

"I don't have a plan, but my wife does,” said Alphonzo Myles. “She's going to tag team and she has a strategy to divide and conquer."

"He goes to one store, I go to another one,” said Dhairya Gabhawala, standing with his brother. “Make sure to call each other.”

To make things easier, Best Buy will give tickets to those waiting in line for all Doorbuster items.

Customers can get more than one Doorbuster item, but not the same product.

In other words, you can get a TV and laptop, but not two of the same TVs

Plus, customers will be given store maps for easier navigation and multiple checkout areas will be taped off and color coded.

With all the preps, we asked customers do they think Black Friday beginning too early?

"I do think they're opening too early,” said Carrie Boone. “I'm a family person. I think we should allow that time on Thursday for families to be with their families."

“Not really,” said Alphonzo Myles. “I think that most of the family time, most people are going to start early. They're going on spend the time with their family.”

"I think they're opening too early,” said Catarina Young. “I think people should be able to remember Thanksgiving and have a meal with their family without having to rush out because they're going to miss all the deals in the stores."

"Me and mom were just joking today that we'll probably end up being in the next few years that black Friday will be like an entire week,” said Dhairya Gabhawala.

If you have any issues with transactions on Black Friday, the Arkansas Attorney General's office urges you to call their consumer protection hotline at (800)482-8982.

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