Students on summer break campaign for PCSSD millage extension

On Tuesday June 13th, PCSSD voters will be asked to vote on an extension of 40.7 mills in property tax.

Instead of sleeping in on their first Monday of summer break, students from Sylvan Hills High School were speaking out.

"We need to be out here supporting and educating people about what this about,” said Sophomore Chase Swinton.

On Tuesday June 13th, voters will be asked to vote on an extension of 40.7 mills in property tax. A move that would allow the district $66 million dollars to build a new Sylvan Hills High School. Swinton says no one knows better than the students that improvements at the school are needed.

"But this is more about the students, I mean it's our school. There's going to be future generations of Bears that are going to go here so I feel like us kids need to be out here talking about it,” Swinton said.

The school has experienced such a big growth spurt that the students are having some classes in portable buildings. Assistant Principal Charlotte Wallace says if it doesn't pass, they'll have to order 19 additional portable buildings.

"Growth is a good thing, but when you have facilities that were built in the 1960's it's a negative thing because our school was built for 850 students so right now we have a capacity of 1,200 and if our 9th graders were here with us we'd be around 1,500,” Wallace said.

Facilities like only one science lab and a gym and auditorium that can't host all the students are problems they say the millage extension would change.

Grant Smith says even though he's a senior next year and won't ever get to see the improvements, it's worth it for him to use the first part of his summer break to get the word out.

"I love my school and I want everyone else who's going to go to that school to get a better school I don't want them to go to the same school I have to go to and struggle with the size,” Smith said.

Early voting begins on June 6th.

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