'Suck a pink cow udder,' costumed woman tells Arkansas police officer after arrest

    Ashley Curry (Photo: Pine Bluff police)

    A woman dressed as a cow had beef with a Pine Bluff police officer after she was arrested on a shoplifting charge Tuesday afternoon.

    Ashley Curry, 27, tried to steal a package of Flonase from a Walmart at 5501 S. Olive St., according to a police report. An officer was watching on surveillance cameras as Curry, conspicuously dressed in a black-and-white cow costume complete with pink udders, pocketed the allergy spray.

    After Curry had been detained and another officer had been called to help search her, Curry reportedly "stuck out her stomach area and told me I could 'suck a pink cow udder,'" the officer reported.

    It was unclear if that was an insult or a bribe.

    In any case, the officers were not cowed by her bovine belligerence. They charged Curry with shoplifting and resisting arrest.

    Ashley Curry (Photo: Jefferson County jail)

    Curry was taken to the Jefferson County jail and given a new black-and-white outfit, this one with stripes.

    She was released on $1,520 bail a few hours later.

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