Suspects accused in three home burglaries on Little Rock street

Police say three homes on Cerelle Dr. were robbed between February 2 and February 7. (Photo courtesy: Little Rock Police Dept.)

Two suspects are wanted in a string of home burglaries that occurred within a week on one Little Rock road.

Police say three homes on Cerelle Dr. were robbed between February 2 and February 7.

The first burglary on February 2 was reported in the 9400 block when a 41-year-old woman came home to find the back kitchen window, which she said someone had unlocked, open and her blinds knocked down.

According to the police report, laptops, tablets, gaming systems, phones and more were stolen from her home.

The second burglary was reported on February 6 when a woman saw her neighbor's house, located in the 9500 block, being burglarized. The woman told police she saw an unfamiliar vehicle backed up to the home and two suspects go into the backyard.

While police were on the way, the actual homeowner called and said he had come home to see the vehicle leaving the area and a man running away from his house. According to the report, the homeowner said he was chasing the suspect, but he had lost track by the time authorities arrived. The man told police two TVs that were originally inside his home were left on his back porch.

On February 7, a third burglary was reported when a 71-year-old woman, who lives in the 9200 block, said she came home at 1:45 p.m. to find someone had broken into her home by busting out a bedroom window.

A PlayStation 4, collector coins, a jug of pennies and more were stolen.

Police say the suspects might be in a maroon-colored Jeep Compass or Jeep Cherokee with a vanity plate on the front that reads, "OSU."

Through their investigation, authorities learned the suspects left the area going toward the Canopy Apartments on Kanis Rd.

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