The cost of driving drunk on New Year's Eve

The cost of driving drunk on New year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is just days away and local law enforcement agencies are beginning to enhancing their DWI enforcement efforts.

Channel 7 is on your side and looking into what a DWI could cost you if you are pulled over this weekend.

If you’re pulled over for a minor traffic offense, first an officer will ask if you have anything to drink, from there you may be asked to perform a field sobriety test.

If you’re arrested for suspicion of a DWI, you’ll then be taken to jail and asked to perform a breath test. If your blood alcohol level is over .08, you’ll be placed in a holding cell until you sober up.

Attorney Gary Green tells KATV the day after New Year’s is one of his busiest days of the year and the flurry of expenses attached to driving drunk are sobering.

“It's going to be in the thousands and not the hundreds. You’ll have to make bail when you’re first arrested, you have to get the interlock device while waiting your disposition, you have to hire an attorney, you have to pay the court cost and fine, assuming that you are guily and that's before you get to the issues of that your insurance has gone up or you’ve had a wreak and whatever else has happened,” said Green.

The average cost of a DWI could cost you upwards of $6,000. Green states that a DWI could also cost you the ultimate price, you or someone else’s life.

“You might just kill someone and you might be charged with negligent homicide and you might go to prison over it, there is your real cost,” said Green.

Less expensive than a DWI conviction is a cab ride or using Uber this weekend.

J-hook towing and recovery is also offering to help you out on New Year's Eve. For $25 they'll tow your car back to your home and give you a ride as well.

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