Three arrested for several robberies and thefts in Lonoke and Prairie Counties

Three arrested for several robberies and thefts in Lonoke & Prairie Counties

Three people are arrested tonight in connection with a series of robberies and thefts in two Arkansas counties.

In Lonoke County, one resident had a guest visit her front door, that helped lead to the end of an ongoing crime spree.

Doris Farrell lives in Ward, Arkansas, in a small and quiet rural community and was relaxing on her couch Tuesday morning when she heard her doorbell.

"I thought it might have been my son or something but then I opened the door and realized it was not," Ferrell said.

It was a man claiming his car had broken down, and he needed to borrow a phone.

She let him in to use her landline, all the while thinking he looked suspicious

"Just kept making me go, something's not right,” said Ferrell, “something's not right."

So when he was leaving, she called 911.

Not knowing that a little bit earlier that morning, Cabot police were looking for these four, Justin Ott, John Simpson, Amanda Padilla, and Randy Turner, who were believed to have been a part of a series of robberies in the area.

"These four individuals went from Prairie County to Cabot," John Staley, the Sheriff for Lonoke County, said.

Sheriff Staley says the four had taken a truck at a gas station in Cabot, and abandoned it in rural Ward.

Now law enforcement found the stolen truck about a mile from us on the other side of this forest area, the of the individuals made their way across this fielded area, and one of them went to speak with Ferrell, who's living just across the street.

When Ferrell found out they were up to no good she called police, those three individuals were found right inside this storage barn.

The three were Ott, Simpson and Padilla, but randy turner, has yet to be caught.

"We want to get the guy that we know is still out there because we know the next thing he's going to do is steal another truck," Sheriff Staley said.

"Hopefully he's not in this area no more but we're just going to be cautious and everybody stay on their toes and do catch him," said Ferrell.

Now as we reported, Randy Turner has still not been found by law enforcement, he's expected to be armed and dangerous.

If you live in this area, the sheriff's office is asking that you check your cars and belongings to make sure nothing has been stolen.

If something's missing, contact law enforcement immediately.

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