Traffic expected to increase as Arkansans hit the road for Thanksgiving 2017

Traffic expected to increase as Arkansans hit the road for Thanksgiving 2017

Ron Gray is fueling up for a family trip down the state.

"We'll probably go to Texarkana for the weekend," Gray said.

But he has the luxury of leaving Thanksgiving Day, his family, coming from San Antonio, is trying to get an early jump on the travel.

"They're actually on their way now so they're going to be there a little bit earlier than we are, but we get to join them late,"

They're some of the 51 Million Americans expected to hit the road this week for the holidays, which often brings some of the worst traffic in the United States.

According to analytics done by Google Maps, the day before thanksgiving brings heavier traffic than normal in every major city, and Arkansas is no exception.

What makes the Natural State standout, along with most of the south, are the gas prices.

"I like this right here, I can handle this."

Bobbie Love lives in North Little Rock, and just came back from Chicago where gas prices were around $2.80 a gallon.

Here in Little Rock, the average sits around $2.24.

"I love it because it was $2.25 when we left."

For Gray, cheaper gas means more money in his wallet when he has to drive his family those longer distances.

"It is nice, especially when you drive the big family vehicles, that's like the Tahoe’s and suburban’s, so that certainly helps."

If you are planning on heading on the road tomorrow, leave as early as possible.

Those analytics say the best time to leave the day before Thanksgiving, is around six in the morning.

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