Tree falls and injures Stuttgart teens

Photo courtesy of Stuttgart Daily Leader

Four Stuttgart teenagers are recovering after a tree uprooted and fell on them Tuesday evening.

The large tree reportedly fell on the group of boys while they were playing basketball. The uprooted tree trapped two of the teens underneath it’s trunk and branches.

Lt. Mark Duke with the Stuttgart police department just happened to be driving down the street when the emergency occurred.

“I saw a tree that had fallen...I saw kids scattered from the tree, screaming and waving their hands, screaming for help. We managed to pick up on of the big branches and get the young man out that was on one side,” said Duke.

Members from the Stuttgart fire and police department along with several state troopers and Stuttgart community members all rushed to the scene to help in any way possible to save the boys.

Lt. Brent Rollins with the Stuttgart Fire Department tells KATV he used parts of the fallen tree to save one of the teens legs.

“I had to take the tree that fell on him, I broke off a branch and applied it to his leg, kept his leg straight and got him to the hospital. As firemen we are taught to adapt and overcome, and we made it happen,” said Rollins.

The fire department believes the tree most likely became loose after last week’s rains and was ultimately knocked over by yesterday’s high winds.

Two of the teens that were trapped underneath the tree and were transported by air to Arkansas Children's Hospital in Little Rock. One of them suffered from a broken femur.

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