TSA reminds passengers of security guidelines ahead of Thanksgiving travel

TSA implementing stronger screening when it comes to electronics at Clinton National Airport this holiday season. (Photo: KATV)

As airlines expect an increase an air travel again this holiday travel season, officials with Clinton National Airport and the Transportation Security Administration want to make sure passengers are well-prepared to make it through security easily and quickly.

Typically it doesn't take very long to get through security at Little Rock's airport, backed up by statistics from airport spokesperson Shane Carter.

"On most days our wait time and processing time at security is around six minutes," said Carter.

But Carter said most flights are expected to be full during the 12-day Thanksgiving travel period starting the week before turkey day, and the week afterward. It's why the airport suggests arriving 90-minutes prior to your flight's departure and following TSA guidelines to ensure you can make it to your gate on-time.

For those who don't typically fly outside the holiday season, the TSA is now requiring any electronic larger than a cellphone to be removed from carry-on and placed in a separate bin.

"By separating it at the checkpoint, we are able to get a better look at that electronic device and be assured that it has not been tampered with and that explosives are not hidden inside," said Sari Koshetz, TSA spokesperson.

The holidays almost always involve food. Items like turkey and cake are allowed to be carried on, but things like cranberry sauce, gravy and pudding are subject to the same 3-1-1 TSA guidelines as other liquids and gels. That means those items must be in a container 3.4 ounces or less and must be sealed inside a 1 quart clear zip-top bag. If you have concerns about what you can or cannot carry onto a plane, click here to see the TSA's "What Can I Bring" list.

One of the biggest things the TSA wants to remind Arkansans about this year is the prohibition of firearms in carry-on luggage. So far in 2017, more than 20 guns have been confiscated from passengers at Clinton National - one just this week.

"Most passengers tell us that they simply forgot," said Koshetz. "That's not acceptable. We need you to know where your gun is before you get to the airport."

If caught with a firearm, you will be arrested and given a special ride with Little Rock police. Guns can be placed in checked luggage, but must be unloaded and locked in a hard case, and checked in with your air carrier prior to your arrival at the airport. Be sure to check with local law where you're traveling to since not every state or country allows firearms even in checked luggage.

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