Two arrested after police find meth inside a Benton home

Two arrested after police find meth inside a Benton home

It happened just after 8 in the morning on Monday, when police went inside and raided this home. It was a raid that was caught on video by a neighbor next door, and it's video you'll only see here on Channel 7.

Christel Landreth witnessed it firsthand.

"It was the craziest thing I think I’ve ever seen," Landreth said.

Just after her boyfriend had left for work on Monday, Benton Police executed a search warrant at this home on the 300 block of South Second Street, after receiving several citizen complaints about potential drug activity going on inside.

"It was like out of a movie or what you hear from other people, I’ve never seen anything like it before," Landreth said.

She immediately grabbed her phone and began recording police taking out several people, and, according to Benton Police’s report, seizing two ounces of meth, an unknown amount of marijuana, and a loaded handgun.

"I mean I was just waiting for it to pretty much happen,” Keith Youngman, Landreth’s boyfriend, said. “It was obvious what was going on."

Police arrested at least two people in the search, Michael Morrison and Colby Brown. Both are facing several drug related charges.

"There's been many times I’ve had to send my kids inside because of something that's going on in here," Landreth said. "I think the neighborhood will be a lot more calmer, quieter, hopefully, somebody will come along and do something with that house and make it a home instead of what it was."

Benton Police say future arrests may be possible in the near future, because this investigation is still ongoing.

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