Two found dead inside a car in Arkansas County

Two found dead inside a car in Arkansas County (KATV)

Two individuals were found dead inside a car on Burkswitch Road near Almyra, Arkansas, on Saturday night, according to the Arkansas County Sheriff's Department.

The victims have been identified as Mary Elizabeth Manues and Timothy S. Lane.

The individual who reported the vehicle said Manues and Lane had been seen in the area the previous day, when they first noticed the vehicle driving through a flooded street. The individual continued his journey and paid no further attention to the car until they noticed it on the side of the road on Saturday.

A deputy was dispatched, who unsuccessfully tried to alert the male and female passenger in the car. He then shattered a rear window to gain entry, only to learn the victims were dead.

While water in the area had subsided, there was evidence that water had entered the passenger area of the vehicle.

The Arkansas State Police were then contacted to conduct the investigation. Sheriff Todd Wright said that carbon monoxide poisoning may be a factor in the deaths.

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