UAMS invites cancer survivors to a free day at Little Rock Zoo

UAMS invites cancer survivors to a free day at Little Rock Zoo

Just down the road from the little rock zoo is UAMS’ radiation oncology center. It's where adults and children can receive radiation therapy.

So on a beautiful Saturday, UAMS decided to give some of the kids they've treated, a fun day at the zoo.

There's something about going to the zoo and seeing animals you wouldn't normally be able to see, that brings a smile to your face.

But it means a little bit more Roberta Avery and her son Jimmy, who've dealt with a lot over the last two years.

"He went through about 14 or 15 treatments of radiation," she said.

He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

But since last year, he has been in remission, which is why they, along with other kids who have been fighting cancer, were treated to a free day at the zoo.

"It was a real fight for him so to be able to be here today is just wonderful and to be with other people who've been through what he's been through," she said.

A fighter alongside other kids in remission, enjoying their favorite animals.

"I like zebras and penguins," said five year old Zach Chamness.

Chamness was diagnosed with medulloblastoma at 23 months old.

In July, he's currently still in remission and his dad thinks these events are important for him to go to.

"It helps keep things in perspective and just lets you know that you're not alone," Steve Chamness, Zach’s dad, said.

Along with time in the zoo, the families were also able to enjoy a free lunch.

This is the sixth year UAMS has held this event.

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