UCA provides bus tours of historic locations for 60th anniversary of the Little Rock 9

UCA provides bus tours of historic locations for 60th anniversary of the Little Rock 9

Spending two hours on and off a bus may seem like the last thing you'd want to do, but this ride is a little different because it highlights not only the Little Rock 9, but the architecture of the buildings that hold significance to the Little Rock 9's story.

"It's such a big part of the civil rights movement," James Gerdes, a UCA history major, said.

Gerdes knows the story of nine African American high schoolers entering the historic doors of Little Rock Central High School 60 years ago, is worth commemorating.

Which is why the University of Central Arkansas is hosting the central high architectural bus tour.

"The theme, I suppose, of the tour is imagine if buildings could talk so we're going to be discussing the buildings themselves and what happened there," Gerdes said.

We got the chance to hop on one of the first tours of the day, and saw landmarks that are not only significant to the little rock 9's story, but to the story of the civil rights movement.

"It showed us a lot of the architecture, right here in Little Rock," Ginette Dairion-Fletcher, one of the people on the tour, said.

History students at UCA were at each location, and would come on the bus to describe a little bit about the building they were at.

Seeing buildings from the past, and hearing from students of the present on and off the bus.

"It's history,” Shirley McDonald, a 1968 graduate of Central High, said, “and it was a great tour and everything was wonderful on it."

Some of the sites we saw on the tour included Central High, Daisy Bates' home and Ernest Green's home.

Former president Bill Clinton will speak during Monday’s ceremony, we will have live coverage of it on

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